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O noua „versiune” de ATmegaCLib

Octombrie 26, 2012

Intai de toate, folosesc avr-gcc 4.7.2 de aici (gasiti versiuni pentru Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).  Modificarile si aditiile sunt copy&paste din descrierea din SVN.

After more than two weeks of no Internet access - line broken after a "regular"
rain, I had time to fix some things and add some more functionality:

- fixed "byte2dec()" function and all functions affected by it;
- improved "pwmservo" and the regular "pwm" functions to support more
microcontrollers - though only four PWM channels and for ATmega16 and 32, only
the first two channels are available.
- improved IR functions to support more microcontrollers;
- added a "serial_flush()" function and tested the interrupt based serial
communication - works nice (tested with the new version of
"ATmega_PCF8583_Serial" example - not yet uploaded);
- added TWI (Hardware I2C) in master mode, from Dharmani;
- the PCF8583 functions now works with either Software I2C or TWI - easy setup
(with only one line activation, you get the desired functionality).

Not tested yet the SD_Card functions and I'm working in adding FAT32 support...
I'm also looking for millis() variants, which use timer2 and timer3, to avoid
some collisions when using IR functions...
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